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Sunday, March 31, 2002

See it on CNN

The Queen Mum died peacefully yesterday morning. Just a little piece of history in a blog.

Meanwhile, Happy Easter.

Song playing in my head: Slumber by OAG. This is local alt/indie rock band OAG's first ever Malay single... and it works! They still sound like they always trademark do, and it's brilliant. Fresh change from kampung metal rock. Ugh, the nasal voices. Justin Timberlake comes to mind.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Return to the Pearl of the South China Sea

So I agreed to become a facillitator for this year's Labuan Matriculation College orientation week. That's why I went back to that hot island. That began on March 21... and it was over yesterday. No regrets; a chance scour the batch of over a thousand freshies for chicks, and we had dastardly fun terrorizing them all. Man, what a big crowd they were. Fit for the giant, new, permanent campus that the college has just moved to. Oh right, this is also the only chance to check the new campus out, and stay in it awhile. If you ask me I like the old dorms better. We had our own bathrooms and kitchens. Good old days.

The hole in my earlobe hasn't healed yet, but I had to take the stud off for that week. Funny, Chris who went a-piercing with me that day, has an absolutely fine, normal hole. Was it a mistake to ignore his advice that told to abstain from protein? Well, the homecooked food which I've missed for so very long are not exactly resistable, you know. I didn't really buy his advice anyway. Whatever. I put the stud back on every night. I'm gonna keep this five buck hole.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Oh I didn't know you breakdance! Not surprised though

Met cousin Erwin today; long time no see. He said he's been in a breakdancing contest and his team is going to the semifinals. Haven't heard about this before.

And he told me this story concerning Too Phat. While they were in Kota Kinabalu, rapper Malek got punched for dirty dancing with someone's chick. His friend saw this happened.

[Update: 12/8/2] Erwin told me that the whole thing actually never happened; it was something somebody made up. I'm a big sucker.

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Friday, March 15, 2002

Just watch me run up there... ooh my legs hurt

Back from the climb. It's my first, FYI. You know what they say: if you're a Sabahan you better climb the mountain at least once before you leave for uni (this May I expect), cuz you never know if someone will ask wether you have. Enjoyed. Great to see the guys and gals. Gonna miss 'em all, since we'll all soon be off to different universities.

Ascended to Laban Rata (kilometre 6, I think) with untimely difficulty. Nearly cramped in the muscles just above the knees... whadyacall, whadyacall? Dunno what they're called. Imagine being overtaken by everyone, including the girls. They all stopped for me briefly though *smirk*... yeah, but no one wants to be slowed down.

After a night's rest, continued up to Low's Peak, happily, with relative ease this time. Wow! Hardly fatigued; really charged up. One of the first to reach the top. I mean the very top, where you'd fall and die if the wind blew hard enough. Yes!!! Beautiful sunrise.

On descent, realised my digital camera had malfunctioned. The pics were all gone. I owe people some great shots; looks like I'm set to disappoint. Bummer.

The whites I've bumped into throughout the climb were real friendly. Had fun trying out my Brit/Aussie accent with them. Have you ever tried to look back on what you said to foreigners and wonder if you ever made a fool of yourself?

So many of them. They just keep on coming and going, like ants.

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Monday, March 11, 2002

The past week

Blogger was temporarily unavailable recently. Plus I had to pack up and all (college's over, yo!), cuz if I didn't I wouldn't be here at home doing this.

OK, here's the gist on what happened in the past few days:

March 7

A lot of things have happened (the Luther incident among them), causing tensions that finally crested into this. Big contest at the beach, 7 a.m. It was a series of one-on-one duels between members of two feuding circles... man it's a long, complicated story; can't tell at the risk of misinformation.

Luther and our dormmate Denny, who share the sentiment against the other group, were invited to join in ("Anyone you can throw at me!"), since they both are reputed fighters. Attended by everybody who knew about it: several dozen guys, I observed. Of course I knew, it couldn't escape me; in fact it was all planned out the night before in a pow-wow in my room. Though I arrived at the beach 20 minutes late that morning and missed most of the fights, I heard we kicked ass. Especially Denny who really wasted his contender awesomely. We saw a different Denny that day, the straight-A student when everyone's looking.

March 8

Everyone was out shopping for, among other things, chocolates and alcohol to bring home from duty-free Labuan. I pierced my left ear. It was to release some personal tension I had at the time, and plus I always wanted to do it.

The campus wardens are on the hunt for Denny. Student-warden meeting at night; besides being briefed about the coming convo, we were hinted that the wardens and lecturers already knew about the recent violent events. Oooh.

March 9

Graduation day. Being one of those who had gained a reputation (it was unintentional for me, get that straight) as an "artiste" in college, I performed the song Heaven Knows at our convo dinner, as agreed. Shit, I never sucked singing it before! Oh well.

My old friend Chua, our Artiste of artistes, did good as usual. I don't remember what he performed.

March 10

Raided all the empty dorms whose ex-occupants have left early that morning. Salvaged a Nirvana In Utero cassette, a Santana Supernatural cassette, several recording cassettes which I later found out to be filled with Celine Dion and Westlife dubbings, several empty CD cases, an electric iron, a small vial of perfume and other detritus I don't remember taking. Crazy last-minute packing. Hell, I snuck along my pillow which belonged to the government actually. Left Labuan Matriculation College, taking along my junk and my fondest memories. Slept through the whole ferry ride.

Nice to be back home. Parents fussed over my earstud and long unkept hair, which I didn't like.

March 11

Out shopping for stuff for the Mt Kinabalu climb.

...We're setting off for our college Kinabalu Expedition today at one in the afternoon. That's about 12 hours away; I need to sleep now.

Songs playing in my head: Mr. Writer by Stereophonics, Born Again by Muse, Alive by P.O.D.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Alicia Keys, why the hell so many?

Sweet freedom! The last exam papers were done with yesterday. Today I'm out shopping, bowling (second time ever), and dropping in a c-cafe to write this.

Got my MUET results this morning. Well, I hoped for better, but it's Band-5.

The Grammys went on without me! Had no time for TV, cos duh, exams. I'm checking the website right now... wha- U2 again? Hmm, I'm considering maybe it's time I buy a U2 CD. Right, can't finish this article; on to the next... Oh great, Mike Greene's speech is on music downloading? Well Mike, I'm keeping on it until the day I get rich enough to afford all the CDs I like. OK, think I can't finish this one either. I'll procrastinate.

Up next on my calendar: a few more days of leisure before our convocation this Saturday, and then I'm heading home to KK on Sunday. Then there's the Mt Kinabalu climb on Tuesday.

Songs playing in my head: Something More by Train; Sweet FA by OAG.

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