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Friday, February 22, 2002

A reflection

I, uh, sorta cried last night. See, I had been checking out my recently reviewed Math test paper, and it was ugly. (It's what I get for sleeping day and night.) That was one; the other thing was I was short on bucks. Which meant I had to call up Mom and ask her to send some online, like she usually does. I felt different this time. I dunno, I felt like a hopeless brat again. Imagined how my folks back home think and expect of me. The eldest son. See, I did pretty well last semester, which made everyone happy, and made me feel like I regained some childhood glory. Now the pressure's on... will I nail it again? Doubt.

Had a little sharing with Jay and Chris about relationships with parents. These two rich kids told me mine are lucky to have a budget-conscious kid like me. Go ahead and ask, they can't let you starve. Okay. Said I was a factor in the Internet and handphone bills... I sometimes lose stuff... I wrecked a handphone once... no, I'm a worse brat than you are!... Well, it kept on going, but ultimately they made me feel better. Made the call anyway.

BTW, we found the real thieves. (See previous posts.) Two guys. I know one of them. He's nice really, the class clown, and he's loaded... I wonder how he got into stealing? They've taken and traded-in handphones, walkmen, and binoculars. Now they're paying with daddy cash and dignity, and so are their girlfriends, I heard. Pleasantly surprised that Luth is cool about this; he has no intention of starring in this drama any longer, especially now that we know who the real culprits were. He's done enough, I guess. He's deep in the books now. All the best in the exams this coming Wednesday.

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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Entropy among men

At around 2 a.m. this morning my roommate Luther knocked a guy out and had him hospitalized. I was asleep in Jay's dorm. Haven't seen Luth all day. I've heard lotsa stuff about what happened last night. It seems that Luth was, rather rakishly I'm sure, accused of theft. (I will attest: no one messes with Luther.) It's the same story again... things get stolen, fingers are pointing: the number one reason why the badboys throw fists. I've heard of 5 fights already during my time here (at press time), and one or two are the rare, plain hate-his-guts type fights. Badly glorious. These things are hush-hush though.

Maybe it's the impending final exams. With only a few days left of college, 'tis the season to steal stuff and, best of luck, get away with it.

Well, I'm just gonna wreck my room before I go. If the peanut butter jar's not empty by then, I'll smear that on the walls, too.

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Saturday, February 16, 2002

The beginning of a blog

Location: Allen Pit Station cybercafe, Labuan. This is so cool. I can do this anyplace other than home, which is the only place from where I've been updating the Den. I have a blog, and you've been warned. Now I can. I can ramble. Ramble on and on and on...

Final exams are very close. 11 days left, I think. So why do I bother with my website... adding a blog, to be specific, which is equivalent to giving away a cell phone to a teen sister, if I had one? Maybe it'll be my secondary scream outlet (the primary one being a closed room). You know some guys go mad in these times. Scream, shout, play cards, sleep, read whole novels, wrestle, pretend gay rape, and even worse, avoid studying.

Blogging is all the craze. PC Magazine: The Blog Phenomenon; Time Magazine: Pssst. Wanna See My Blog?; Wired News: Blah, Blah, Blah and Blog.

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