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Friday, April 26, 2002

Sites for sore eyes

I found this site, PikeyDude, and saw something I haven't seen in years... the use of the link caption script known as Overlib. If you saw this for the first time, whould you jump on it and use it on your site? Don't blame ya, it looks—for lack of a better word—nifty.

Here's a middle finger gallery.

Korn's Here to Stay stays in my head.

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and I am / whatever you say I am...

So Albert calls me the CSS extraordinaire. Oh my, that's some pressure. Anyway, the ASP extraordinaire's got this new Mirror skin on his site, and I wonder where he gets all this, 'cause I'm trying to remember if I've seen this trick before.

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Sunday, April 21, 2002

AIM Awards 2002

Malaysia's own "Grammys", the AIM Awards, two days ago: Did the show suck, or is it just me and the AIMs have always sucked? Here I just want to talk about the good points...

Once again Dayang Nurfaizah wowed me with a vocal performance, just as she did the first time as a new artiste two years ago on the show. (Don't we all have fond memories of AIM 2000? It was far from sucky...) Since then I've been rooting for her, a superior singer, to replace the country's currently established pop princess Siti Nurhaliza. Why is no one tired of her yet?

I had the same won-me-over feeling for the Malay pop-rock band Exists who also performed that night... while long before then I've only heard about them turning more progressive. Good move. (Previously all I've known about Exists is that horribly annoying new song with the green backdrop and black balloons in the video...)

Other highlights were the rockin' indie/emo band Butterfingers, xexy R&B diva Ning Baizura, and Best New Artiste veejay-turned-singer Sarimah. Very nice videos, but wake up and smell the fish cuz she can't sing. She's just a J-Lo.

The winners? Oh. Those who share my taste would be most interested in: underground acts Best New Local English Artiste / Love Me Butch and Most Promising Artiste / Nitrus. Meanwhile the notorious Too Phat won Best Local English Album for Plan B, and Dayang Nurfaizah won Song of the Year for Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta.

Songs spinning in my head: I had that new Exists song Mama Tolong Percaya with me for a day, but the tune has escaped me. Presently I'm trying to keep my hold on Korn's Here to Stay. Haven't downloaded it yet.

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Monday, April 15, 2002

Site update

I'm in the middle of overhauling the site's source code, which of course won't be significant to y'all as it's still gonna look the same. But it's necessary since I'm a sticker for web standards. For those who care, I'm converting to XHTML and I'm gonna kick out the <tables> and will design with a different approach. It'll take time... and it's completion will be heralded with a nice new skin I'm planning to make.

I do this for me, you know. I've got no motivation outside myself. I hang out with friends who are clueless about things beyond games, surfing and IRC, let alone have any clue about (ugh) web standards.

Look at these: penis and vagina guides, written by their respective owners. (Teehee, I just crack myself up.)

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Thursday, April 11, 2002

To remove a tooth

Almost every online journal records a visit to the dentist. Don't see why not.

I'll do my best to keep it short. Molar tooth 37 was the problem: it lied down, like Uranus does. Had it since forever. Couldn't get it out the usual way. Minor surgery was the anwser. Well, that's what they called it.

It was probably the toughest tooth extraction any dentist ever did, because her words made it seem so. She kept admitting the difficulty to her collegues as she powerdrilled, shovelled and yanked over and over. (I had three anesthetic jabs in my mouth beforehand, so thankfully I felt absolutely nothing.) She said things like:
"This is crazy!"
"She's crazy for making me do this!" (she being my other dentist who referred me to this one)
"It won't budge."
"Uh, that didn't work."
"Look, even 38 is moving."

Meanwhile, the young people in white all around me were looking on; nurses and dentistry neophytes I'm sure. I think it was more traumatic for them than for me... in the corner of my eye I saw them cringing and wincing, and I overheard one remarking about how relaxed I was, as if there was something very wrong with me. Tried to keep my eyes open through it all. 40, 50, 60 minutes? There was blood, gadgets being passed around, my shattered tooth, stitches. Saw everything, with rather unnatural calmness. After what seemed like several hours, she finally got off me, tired. (Hey, that sounds funny.) One of them had a cramp somewhere from watching the intensity the whole time.

I was by myself, by the way. I walked all the way home this morning with a swollen cheek, fat sexy lips, drugs in my pocket, and a big, red patient card in my hand.

Lesson learnt: Always remember to have a big breakfast before you visit the dentist; you certainly won't have lunch.

Song in my head: Five For Fighting's Easy Tonight. Yeahright.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Science... and "science"

The US Military's latest fearsome weapon: the indestructible sandwich.

Imagine a hi-tech "rubber band" streched around your eyball to correct eyesight. High yuck factor acknowledged, but they're confident it's effective.

N'Sync's Lance Bass in space. That's what rich kids do nowadays.

Somebody's gonna travel through time. Let's hope it works.

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Sunday, April 07, 2002

Why have you forsaken me?

I went over to Pizza Hut to apply for a job, and they go yeah sure. Then they tell me training lasts a month. Since when? I got through training last year in a week! Damnshit, I won't be around in a month, I'll be off to university!

So I asked cousin Erwin if he's still a waiter at Sutera Harbour. No, he said, I'm playing badminton or some other activity every day and I'm obviously taking it easy. OK, I said, well give me back my Red Alert 2 cuz I'm bored.

So I told Dad I'll take that merchandising job. Too late, he said, we got no vacancies left. Shit!

Song in my head: Chop Suey, System of a Down.

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I have seen the future and it is CSS; I've been telling you that!

Have you seen Weblog Wannabe, winner of Best Asian Weblog in last year's Weblog Awards? It's the design that I'm interested in, so I'll get a bit technical now. Get this: no nested HTML tables are used in the layout. A new CSS trick for me, but I've figured it out. If you're into this, well it's no secret... A List Apart actually recommends this, and they show you the ropes.

My inner webdesigner has been reawakened! Back to the drawing board, I got lightbulbs! Expect some new experiments in the Den soon. Expect also more site commentary; I should do this more.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Howya doin' Albert?

- Here are some blogs I recently found: Albnok and Rocket Queen. You may know them as staff of XFresh. I know Albnok, we've exchanged emails before. Can't believe how much I have in common with the guy.

- If I had to pick a favorite MC, it would be Mike Shinoda. He puts on that happy face when he raps. You've seen him do that with such charming enthusiasm in X-ecutioners' new video, together with Linkin Park bandmate Joe Hahn on the turntables.

- Is soft-rock the real evil?

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Naa naa why don't you get a-

I gotta get off the computer and find a job to pass the month. I originally intended to get a driving licence, but I'm broke. At 19, I think I'm already too old to get one.

I'll say it again, I'm broke. Can't even get on a bus and go out. I could get back to Pizza Hut in Lintas Square, which I'd love to, but if they got no kitchen space for me, I'll have to take that coke merchandising job again. Damn I'm so broke.

Since when did remixes get to be so big? Jennifer Lopez is making money recycling her songs. So is Diddy. Rumor has it that the two are engaged... in a war of words. So said Ace and Joe. So they're not over their breakup apparently.

Never did like remixes. It's the same song, stupid.

Song in my head: The Space Between, Dave Matthews Band.

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