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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Roll your eyes please

As I type this, Dad is giving the talk; the talk dads give to sons prior to their imminent departure to university (it's 3 days away). Words like "girls", "fool around" and "condoms" were used. I can only grunt in agreement. Glad it took 15 seconds, and without looking at each other (me keyboard, he remote control). I'm grinning because I think this is funny.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Ugly little beast

Featherless chickens for the future.

A featherless chicken

Because feathers are a waste of nutrients.

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KL awaits

In a few days, I'll be getting on a plane to Kuala Lumpur and checking into the University of Malaya.

I've never been so nervous in my life. I don't know what to think. It's not like me to worry about anything.

Yep, my months of doing nothing will soon be over. This blissful limbo may be what red-blooded schoolboys dream about, but on some lazy days I get anxiety attacks that scream, "You should be doing something right now!" That's when the box in front of me reduces to a blur of mute images, and everything around me fades into silence—save for my wildly beating heart. Evidently, I'm maturing... because I worry more.

Earlier on, I got over my look-for-a-job-to-pass-the-holidays phase. Thereafter I made full use of my idle time enjoying all the TV, radio and cinema I could, as well as downloading music and giving my website some extra TLC. That's roughly how I spent my long picnic.

It's obvious that in the past few months there's not much of my personal life blogged here. (There were some noteworthy events that I forgot to blog, such as that interesting swimming pool birthday of a friend in April...) So with all that leisure I was able to surf the Web more, hence the generous helping of links in this blog; it's what a blog's all about, right?

However, like I said my picnic will soon end. I'm sure that the coming days—weeks, months and years—will be eventful. I'll certainly be back in journal mode. Like the days when I started blogging in college. And then I'll likely go back to my relaxed self again.

KL awaits. What's gonna happen there?

Song in head: Going Down by A. (Song about plane crashing. I'm not worried about that.)

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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Guess who saw Attack of the Clones

It's Lucas' saving grace. Episode II did not suck at all. Far from cartoony, it's a deeper, graver story that concerns love and war... and it's a pretty long one. I must say the "car" chase, the en masse Jedi fights and the clones-vs-droids battle were rather lengthy for action sequences. Yeah!

Didn't get to cheer when Yoda took out his lightsaber. Only gasped silently in awe. Yoda kicks ass!

So did N'Sync make it as Jedis? If they did, their cameo was to be brief and obscure, and probably hiding in alien costumes. But I believe they didn't; people don't want them in the movie.

"Please no. George, no. Please. Anything but the boy bands. Please," wrote one fan in a discussion on Star Wars news Website TheForce.Net. "Jar Jar I could handle. Not this."

Jar Jar Binks is no longer the irritation of the universe though. The crown has been passed on to C3PO and crowned he will be for episodes to come.

If you haven't seen Spider-Man, don't bother; go see Star Wars. And it's well worth abstaining from the pirated VCDs.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002


My latest engrossment is a rock band called A. Punk-pop is not something you'd expect to come from the UK—thus this is a surprise, and from my listening, it's a pleasant one. Breakthrough album Hi-fi Serious is set to catapult them to fame, so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of A this year. Good things are being said about A, and I have no trouble agreeing.

Brain infection: The Springs by A.

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Blog your life

Things are becoming more interesting at, and people (in the blogosphere, at least) are noticing.

If you think your life is a worthy soap opera, then by all means, start an online journal.

Try this youself: Search for "soap opera life blog", and just see how many online diarists (tiresomely) describe their lives this way.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Standing in the eyes of the world

"... I checked my site stats and noticed that someone had come here by searching for bart poland nyu, which is a rather terrifying combination of keywords to be found at considering that it looks like someone was specifically looking for me. But what I forgot to do before leaving the computer labs on campus is to check what ISP/computer/location that visit traced to. And I naturally thought that it might have traced to my parents or someone in Syracuse who might relay this site's address back to them. And thinking that, I was convinced that right at that moment, my parents already knew. It was all over. I'm gay. ..." —

This is kinda scary. Say you have a deep, dark secret about yourself. Say you have a personal website, a weblog even. And since you make it your identity on the Web, it may well be an unlockled closet of what you'd prefer to be hush-hush, wether you realize it or not. You can be selective of your confidants, but if the morsel's online, it would travel as fast as hyperlinks can take it. I know of Bart's site; now you do too. Every one of you. See that?

Does your mother read your blog? Are you even sure of your answer? For many teen (angst) blogs, it's not unusual to kvetch about parents... and assume or hope they don't read blogs at all. In his case, Bart here is openly gay in his website. And the folks back home would never know. Or would they? he now wonders.

Naive paranoiacs diss cookies as invasion of privacy. What are those compared to your own websites? When you started your online diary, did you think you could hide it under your pillow? No, on the contrary we all liked the prospect of a worldwide audience. And yet we publish private things that no cookie was ever meant to pinch. (Unless someone's determined enough to decipher cookies that tell how often you visit a gay porn site.)

Why do we do this anyway? Some well-read bloggers may know of Jason Kottke's (famous?) jottings on the matter:
"... Why don't I just write it down somewhere private...a Word doc on my computer or in a paper diary? Somehow, that seems strange to me though. For a lot of the personal Web publishing crowd, the Web is the place for you to express your thoughts and feelings and such. To put those things elsewhere seems absurd."

Just a thought.

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Sunday, May 12, 2002

Another ragbag blogpost

"I feel that Blue are probably the one boyband I like. ... They probably don't want to be called a boyband but the people that they are selling their music to are 13 and under, no matter how much you want to believe you are a big, credible act."
—Brian Harvey, that new white male R&B soloist.

Yardsale has a little true-account parable about getting the girl by befriending her.

See penises dressed up in clothing, at your own risk. (via kottke)

Ask Google, "what, oh holy google, should I do with my life?" (via shehaal)

Song in head: Nothing by A. (Sounds like a boyband name? Thought so too.)

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Credibility in the comic world?

Before, I used to cachinnate at the mere thought of an X-Men movie; after actually watching the movie, it incredibly did not look like farce anymore. (Kudos to Bryan Singer, director.) Yep, fan I may be, I still find things in the Marvel universe to ridicule. Most fans do, actually.

The word superhero, it seems, is a backronym for "Some unlikely person, essentially ridiculous, handling exceptionally risky operations."

On the other hand, some also look for how much science there is in the science fiction. A University of Minnesota professor is using comic book characters to teach everyday physics. The course is called "Everything I Know about Science I Learned From Reading Comic Books."

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Thursday, May 09, 2002

Marvellous movies, and Ozzywood

After Blade, X-Men and Spider-Man, we'll be treated to more Marvels next year and beyond: The Hulk starring Eric Bana and Daredevil starring Ben Affleck, plus a sequel for X-Men and yet another for Blade. Spidey will have one too, don't worry.

I haven't seen Black Hawk Down yet, so I know nothing of Eric Bana, except that he's one among the Aussies taking over Tinseltown. Gibson. Crowe. Kidman. Jackman. Etc. It's uncanny how some of Hollywood's best acting talents have the Oz background in common. The locals (Americans) don't stand a chance?

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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

I'm going to UM

Just found out that the University of Malaya is taking me in. Oh. My. Universe. If you could see me now; I'm like a monkey in a china shop. Wow! I'm talking about the local Oxford or Harvard here. I was like, what? I totally did not expect this. Unbelievable! I'm an academic nobody. Look out, everybody.

In this moment, I am happy. Happey.

Know what my dad said? "You're lucky. You better be studying there and not play around." Well that's just Dad. He's not the sort who's cheap on praise. I'd show him my grades and he'd say, "Good. But can you do better?" Frustrating. I wonder what he'll say on my wedding day... Hey, now don't go psychoanalytic on me, you know who you are and I know some of you!

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Sunday, May 05, 2002

Words of the day

When was the last time you said or heard the words "dweeb" and "twerp"? Insert those into your daily vocabulary and you might surprise people, as I've unintentionally done in my emails.

Looking around on the Web:
Dweeb basically means socially inept... and I'm hinted that there's a whole hierarchy of synonyms, one of them being "spod".
Ever heard of dweeb metal music?
The word "twerp" is very often coupled with the word "little". This haphazardly found bedtime short story portrays one.
"I'm a Little Twerp" is an interpretation of the five-letter label; why not download this song using your favorite Napster replacement.

How about the word "nifty"?
I seached for this geeky adjective in Google, and curiously, I got a lot of Japanese pages. Apparently they're all subdomains of the same site.
Try reading this aloud without laughing: Nifty Erotic Stories.

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Thursday, May 02, 2002

Your friendly neighborhood film critic

I saw Spider-Man yesterday. I'm quite disappointed. In my eyes, the film was moulded in Batman fashion. Already the first clue was the gothic, Batmany musical score. Probably one good difference was that Spider-Man had more daylight. And then there's the overdone CGI and stunts that just look hyperreal. And don't get me started on the genetically modified spider and the web-squirting wrists (eerie); enough fanatics out there are ranting about these.

Many people give it a thumbs up. Perhaps I need to see it again to debunk my first impressions?

Good to see the Green Goblin getting the limelight he deserves as a superhero arch-nemesis. Now everyone will know him like they know the Joker, Lex Luthor and Magneto.

Best bits of the movie: One, the scene where Norman Osborne, who naturally doesn't realize he's insane, converses with his alter ego the Green Goblin via a mirror. Two, Mary-Jane smooching an upside-down Spider-Man could just be the Best Kiss of the Year.

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