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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

I need a computer

I'm craving to own a computer. It's nothing ephemeral. It's killing me every day and night. It's sometimes enough to make me jump out of bed and scribble up My Dream PC, draft a games-to-buy list and fantasize about partitioning my future hard drive. (Geek.) It's like a pet—a puppy—that I really want to have, take care of and tuck into bed with.

A better rationale? Well, I think everybody else is getting one to do their reports and assignments on. Furthermore, I'm ill with the paranoia that just about everybody, one by one, is buying a computer. When is it my turn?? Not playing WarCraft III is such a bitch.

(I must be the only one around here who wants a computer NOT for academic purposes.)

I've sworn to buy one. My student loan hasn't come in yet. I might have to make use of my accumulated parental pocket money. And perhaps exhume my bank account for what's left of the stuff I got from making pizzas. One way or another...

Oh yes, me and my computer are gonna have so much fun together.

Best part is, I could waste time for free on games, and not pay for it at the hostel cybercafe, which is looked after by an unpretty tomboy senior student with a sore attitude. She charges unfairly, and is unforgiving when you accidentally print multiple unwanted pages without knowing how to stop it. Altogether now: "We hate her! She's a witch with a capital B!"

I presently owe her 70 cents, but she'll definitely never see me again. Ha.

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Sunday, July 28, 2002

Minority Report

Yes, I saw the movie. Yes, in the cinema.

A great thinking-man's action movie, almost up there with The Matrix. It really had me guessing as the story progressed. Just when you thought the movie was about to reach its end, it twists, and the movie continues on... more than once. Love it when that happens, damn! 2 hours and 20 minutes is ample time.

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Yankees in a bookstore

American tourists? Here?!

I think those two words are an oxymoron, since — to be stereotypical — Americans have no idea nor care for what's beyond their borders. Maybe it's because they have just about everything. What were they here for — a tan? Think not, as they could get one in, say, Florida.

A trio of twentysomething Caucasian women in a bookstore, browsing through the romance section. (I was in the sci-fi section nearby and halfway through the first StarCraft novel, Liberty's Crusade. A good read if you play the game.) Naturally I presumed they were European shoppers, but then I recognized the notorious accent. These are some of their utterances I randomly picked out of what I overheard (Note the EMPHASES as you read them aloud).

"Oh my GOD. This is so much cheaper in New YORK."

Oh, I have the money but I'm not BUYING it."

"DAMN it. These are EXPENSIVE."

"I could get this for five BUCKS and here it's sixty ringgit — what's up with THAT?"

Working out some quick currency conversions, I'd say she (the one who said it) was right; the books here must be outragously expensive.

And I was laughing inside myself, having heard with my own two ears that they really do talk like that and not just on, like, Nickelodeon.

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Celeb spotting

This would be my first local celebrity sighting in KL. Yesterday actor Craig Fong (of Spinning Gasing fame) made a public appearance in the Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC to... I dunno, read a story for the kids?... I forget.

So what did I think of him? Uh, well I guess the hair was cool. He sported a tousled, unkept look, on regular short jet-black hair. My kind of look. I want that.

No, I haven't seen Spinning Gasing yet, by the way.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Titled vs. Untitled pt. 2

There, you see that? Weblog Wannabe is now a blog with titled posts. Prior to this I mentioned that Kottke made the change as well. Though it might be interesting to closely watch a trend snake through the blogosphere, I don't really have the time and resources. I just noticed as it occured. Did anyone else?

Both blogs have converted to Movable Type when the titles appeared. I guess that explains.

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Monday, July 15, 2002


Monday. I sit for today's Quantity Surveying lecture, watching the short large man in front of the hall inscript problem questions onto the whiteboard in small, hardly discernable handwriting. Everyone quietly complains, as usual.

I grasp nothing. I never have. Yet I attempt no effort to. At least I try to pretend having a trace of interest, in politeness towards my peers on my left and right, who are well aware of my intent on being somewhere else.

Too bad the droning hall has no window for a lost student to spot a little bird that has just perched right outside it, and sing for him awhile, and take him away to a carefree, time-warped moment.

No there isn't. But I'm not without alternative resorts. So I twist around to spy on the motley somber faces, and indulge in a little people-watching. I scribble random thoughts, in much smaller handwriting as weak encryption from curious eyes. I run my fingers through my hair, shovelling my scalp for dandruff. And I ponder the feel of an earring lightly caressing my earlobe as I tilt my head gently from side to side.

It won't be over for another hour. No matter, so long as I'm not really here.

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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Wrong place for it, but...

Primary Dysfunction Porn Collection, the best porn site there is.

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Movies I've seen

I've been watching loads of movies few even know about courtesy of Donny, VCD-phile and Petaling Street frequenter. These are the titles I've seen. More to come soon.

Malena may well be our classic favorite, with points not just for the soft porn, but also for the engaging dramedy on the whole. Award winning and critically acclaimed as well, so I've read. Set in an Sicilian town during WW2, the film sees a boy ill with puberty, who tells a sad story of the town beauty who turned heads—men with lust, women with scorn. I highly recommend this.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a hilarious slapstick movie packed with cameos of stars from Ben Affleck to Jason Biggs to Chris Rock to Mark Hamill and more... and mocks actors, Hollywood, Miramax and viewers alike. Can't tire from watching this one!

Joe's Apartment, the movie with the singing, dancing cockroaches (which somehow makes it what people call "a classic"). Rather weak for me. Lame MTV wastebasket fodder. Jerry O'Connell, like his character, must have been really broke to do this movie.

Ali G Indahouse is yet another lightweight slapstick flick, but with a difference which makes it worth seeing: it's urban life, street beats and ebonics (and certainly comedy) in da hood on the other side of the Atlantic. (I'd say it has that British sophistication which distinguishes it from the American counterpart we're all used to.) And of course comic Ali G can't be missed.

Romper Stomper stars Russell Crowe as the leader of a gang of Aussie skinheads. Generous helpings of violence. Racism, neo-nazism, and generally the darker side of Down Under. Critically acclaimed, award winning and got people talking. Go see it; it'll be good for you.

Original Sin starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. We applauded for the sumptuous buttnaked sex, but the rest of the movie, which was a bit on the long side, was like watching paint dry. (That wasn't really fair since we fastforwarded through most of it anyway. It was like watching paint dry fast.) No substance, just that brief porn.

And then there are the mainstream films I'm so glad I did not waste my money on: The Scorpion King, Scooby-Doo, Men in Black II, and Life or Something Like It. The first three plain suck. Life (romantic comedy again starring Angelina Jolie, who plays a TV reporter and personality) was good for me as it reaffirmed my awareness of the superficial jobs, careers and life goals out there. But the movie had a weak ending.

That's all folks.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

What my friends own now

Donny had his computer sent here from home by mail. Just 64MB RAM and 2GB HDD, but it's fine with him since he uses it primarily for watching VCDs. Also bought a guitar.

Derek recently bought a hot new computer with scanner and printer. He also bought a guitar and a radio/CD-player.

Jalie, after buying a digital walkman, also bought a bike. A 20-minute walk to a lecture becomes a 5-minute bout of pedalling. Life just got easier for him.

I have nothing. Where do I start? Perhaps a computer, first and foremost. Yes I'm gonna buy a computer. I swear I will.

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Monday, July 01, 2002

[Untitled] redecorated. Kottke now puts a title on every post; I guess it makes his weblog more navigable and useful.

At one time I thought that untitled posts were cool, only because many of the blogelite don't give their posts titles, I observe. But then there are still some who do.

I used to be like him once. I can imagine him setting aside a day or three thinking up titles for every one of his archived posts.

Now that Kottke has crossed over, I wonder if people would follow.

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