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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Nowhere near endgame yet

I tire from watching the news now. Hearing opinions and shoutouts, pro and anti, here and there. Watching live footage that recall images from the classic C&C Red Alert, a computer game I played so long ago. Hurts to know it's all real. Wonder how exactly, with hardly any visuals of corpses, young kids who grow up with such games are taking all this in.

I do check the local news sometimes, to remind myself of the bias and unneutrality it is so obviously tainted with, and scare myself with notions of its effects on the minds of my susceptible countrymen.

It's so confusing, scatterbraining. Can I believe this, can I believe that. It's the crippling concern for the validity of the words I write that is impeding the progress of this blog.

. . .

I think I saw Kevin Sites a couple of days ago on CNN, reporting live in Iraq. I didn't catch enough of the little moment; hardly did I the name. But I think it was him: long hair, beard... y'know, Aragorn. I dunno, I'm not sure. Dang, does anyone else think Mr Sites has such a cool name (for a blogger, especially)?

Kevin Sites, if you didn't know, is the CNN correspondent on the front lines whose presence in the blogging community has been overwhelmingly appreciated. Which is why bloggers everywhere have been bashing CNN for keeping him off updating his popular warblog,

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Gulf War II

This is so late; I've done an injustice delaying this post, which I've been in the exhausting but invigorating process of composing for over nearly two months now. With the war officially given the go-go-go midway through this prose, some of the stuff here will be pretty old, though still relevant.

I'm all for peace, mind you that. Blindly so I was, actually, because it was peace all the way without really thinking beyond the anti-war sentiment. We'd all like to think that the US President is some naive, idealistic cowboy who's moronically liberal with the "evil" label for entire countries (witness the buzzphrase "axis of evil"), has conveniently found himself in a seat with the Big Red Button of Doom on the armrest, and desperate for an excuse to push it.

If You're Happy And You Know It Bomb Iraq.

I have to admit the recklessness of the Bush doctorine. He's doing at least three things that many people can't tolerate: openly defying orders from the United Nations (which ironically was born of a US initiative); forcing another political leader out of his own country (looks awfully rude, bullyish, especially with a holier-than-thou posture); and, to quote US Senator Byrd: The doctrine of preemption — the idea that the United States or any other nation can legitimately attack a nation that is not imminently threatening but may be threatening in the future — is a radical new twist on the traditional idea of self defense.

Plus, Bush trying to link Saddam Hussien to Osama bin Laden is just stupid. The two, fundamentalist and secularist, are complete opposites; I bet my bottom dollar they're disgusted with each other. Can't he even discriminate properly? It's worrying how he's helping to propagate negative stereotyping of Muslims.

So I sound like an anti-war protestor. At least one of the smarter ones.

But. BUT. Truth be told, I am fed all this, not forced but persuasively; and I might consider myself even smarter by realising it. Anti-war sentiments and anti-Americanism — which seems hip these days — are the sort of things you unmistakably get from Malaysian mainstream media. No doubt the Government wants us all in one big happy pro-peace rally. It's sick! The media just reeks of bias. Don't you smell it? I fear for the naive, especially those who don't watch (by choice or otherwise) satellite TV and surf the Internet; their view of current events is disturbingly narrow. (Note to non-Malaysians: We are a characteristically peacenik nation, so peace we naturally champion. The frustrating thing is... well, from the media here, we've only heard of the virtues of peace. It's a sign that press freedom problems here are really more serious than most of us like to believe.)

I get most of my pro-war wholesome goodness from Oon Yeoh's blog Transitions. It single-handedly convinced me of the merits of military action on Iraq since stumbling upon it in early February, with — more than just blunt "Saddam is a monster; he needs to go" arguments — generous helpings of commentary and links about topics ranging from the many "last chances" given to Saddam who many protestors incorrectly think is being denied of, to how the protestors are blindly supporting tyranny and refusing freedom for the Iraqis, to some of the more shocking accounts of Saddam's sadistic acts of torture and murder (if this one doesn't convince you, nothing will). Oh yes, and also about the kind of press freedom we have in this country.

So maybe I'm gullible. Then again, maybe I'm open-minded.

To date, I have made one person go read the blog: my brother. He has been a "Bush is wrong, bad, stupid!" person before I started putting new ideas in his head, and a "Yeah, yeah, I know Saddam is evil, but..." person before actually reading the blog on my invitation. I'm not sure what he thinks now. Haven't asked him yet.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Things going on in the world

(or more accurately, things I've inconsiderately postponed mentioning on this weblog, with apologies.)

The blogging community as a whole is coming to associate itself with this war on terror business (think bloggers and you think anti-terrorism, and vice versa), which is really no surprise, as a significant portion had sprouted post-9/11, calling themselves "warbloggers" (and New York is after all the Mecca of the blogging world, especially so since the day). Which leaves the rest of us — who find ourselves surrounded by so much propaganda ranging from news items to personal accounts to spoof blogs — feeling compelled to say at least something about it. At least to feel "in." Okay maybe not us; just me.

As a blogger, am I expected to have a say on 9/11, the Iraqi dilemma, Bush warmongering, the Grammy Awards, and Valentine's Day?

Of course not, but these topics will lend any blog a little more relevance. Um, yeah.

- The Iraq crisis -

I can write enough here for this to go into a post of its own. Coming up soon.

- 9/11 -

I'd rather talk more about 9/11 later, in September perhaps. When I realised I didn't say anything of regard last September, I felt not so much as a twinge of guilt, but more a feeling of missing out. As most bloggers who leave themselves out of it would say: I've got my own problems to worry about... or I have nothing intelligent to say... or please move on.

I know; to Americans, the tragedy and the date itself is too sacred to belittle or dismiss; and has become the one taboo — if there's honestly any — for comedy or satire (something Ali G had breached); and that everyone and everyone is expected to be able to answer in photographic detail to the question: "Where were you when it happened?" Oh come on.

Like I said, I'll talk more later. While you wait for another six months, I'll share one more bit with you now:

The first divorce directly related to the September 11 terrorist attack has been filed in New York. It appears a guy with an office on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Centre spent the morning at his girlfriend's apartment with his phone turned off. He wasn't watching TV either. When he turned his phone back on about 11am, it rang immediately. It was his hysterical wife "Are you OK? Where are you?" He said "What do you mean? I'm in my office." (via Girl On Girl)

Don't say that wasn't funny.

- The Grammies -

I didn't see it. But I know ivory-tapper Norah Jones took home a sackful. Good to know that the Grammy people still have their reputed good taste to let her. And it was such glee to find that kids were stunned to see her beat Chad Kroeger in some category. Harharhar.

- Valentine's Day -

There's enough antagonism for Valentine's Day in the blogosphere to go around; the world isn't gonna need any more from me. There's so much to bitch about, besides being a day for florists and other vendors of Valentine paraphernalia to capitalize on... no, not simply the human condition... the commercialized expectations bound by society upon itself. So have you heard about Steak and Blowjob Day yet? And tell us what you're planning for next Thursday.

Oh and here's something that might just ruin your mood for the rest of your life's Valentine's Days.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Year-end break

Back home in KK! Heave a great monster sigh of relief! SIGH OF RELIEF.

Mom noticed I've lost weight. Yes, I agreed, I've grown thinner over the year. Only because I haven't been eating so well, no thanks to less-than-average menu offerings and some occasional horrors I have to put up with from the hostel canteen. When I say horrors, I mean like bean sprouts. But not to worry Mom, I know for a fact that I feed myself well when I'm back at home, so I'll soon have meat back on them bones.

There's a lot to do. Get my driving licence. Get the site revamp done with. Get pumped. Get... I'll think of something.

I wanna have fun, period. Sure the fun will end when my parents find out about my exam results when they finally come out. But lemme be, just for awhile, huh?

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Monday, March 03, 2003

It's all over!

The final exams are done with. Personally, the stress was unbearably immense. I really did study this time though, unlike last semester. But I know for sure I screwed up again, no thanks blunders. Not trying to be funny about that.

Can't wait to leave this place and forget it all!

(I might just want to extend the hiatus for a while to, y'know, grieve.)

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