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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

A very late apology

My PC went kaput and I'm having it serviced; I should hopefully get it back in at least two weeks a week forever (one of the pits of "playing the warranty card"). Since I like to take my time writing and with lots of resources at hand (saved webpages, from opportune surfing at cybercafes and computer labs), without my personal time-burning station I can't help being unable to blog generously and regularly (let's call my usual blogging generous and regular). This is a hiatus. I'll be right back when circumstances allow. My year-end break is over and I'm back in KL, by the way.

I'm missing out on a lot of interesting stuff to write about, I swear. The Matrix Reloaded, X-Men 2 (finally), Salam Pax found, the recent VCD/pr0n crackdown, this year's Kaamatan Festival, the first ever Malaysian bloggerklatsch (did I just coin something?), the Matafilter drama, the weblogs-versus-journals debate and my respondent essay about the nature of blogs and the blogosphere, which is really so 2002.

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Fresh links

- About having a blog crush. You know the feeling. It happens at some point in your life. Don't have one now though.

- Mother of The Year. OR: Some City Bus Action.

- The ways men pee: an illustrated essay. These things have never occurred to me. I'm enlightened and tempted.

- Writings on the female viagra: Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Ali for women. Ah, the miracles sown from our own country.

- How to Write Sex Scenes: The 12-step Guide. Might come in useful someday.

- Didja know video games are good for you? Rejoice! Exultations! Let's go play some more!

- And congratulations, you've won an awesome cupholder! Click here.

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