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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

And so the curtains close...

Wow. Two whole years on Blog*Spot. It's been a pleasure.

Before you go grabbing my collar all teary and screaming, let me assure you: no, I'm not quitting blogging. Yeah well, I can't blame you for thinking the worst since I seem to have stopped updating completely. (No, I'm not dead either.) It's just that I've been too preoccupied with life — yes I have one, isn't that damn awful? The semester exams (in March) are rapidly approaching; I had to get my PC monitor fixed (yeah, she too broke down), which was admittedly the main cause of the downtime; and I'm prepping up my new blog domain. Oops, secret's out.

Okay, here's the shit going on: I'm starting a new weblog. Early this year, Tim Yang invited me to set up home at a rather "exclusive" free blog host he just started, — for veteran and/or prolific *I smugly raise an eyebrow* but cash-strapped bloggers currently on ad-supported/limited hosting services. (That is so me. I'm convinced that I was the inspiration for this initiative.) Isn't this incredible? I've always wanted to have my own domain; then out of the blue some stranger comes up and offers one on a silver platter. I felt like I won something.

At this point I simply cannot hold in how much I appreciate Tim Yang's generosity. Done a great service to mankind, in my book — how about that? I could heap on enough praise to kill a dog, but perhaps it will be worth more if I supplement some background and links to go, because I think this is relevant to bigger topics like "philanthropy in the blogging community" and maybe even "the state of the Malaysian Blogosphere" (No really, I'm so dead serious). I'll post on this in the new blog.

(In return, at least, I ask that Tim work on improving the service; there's plenty room for it.)

My writing has evolved in spades over the months and years. I was, among more apparent things, searching for my blogging voice. Having come this far I should be able to say that I got myself a strong one now, but maybe this is something that I can't know on my own, balls to bones; like knowing that I'm in love, or that I'm the One. Perhaps this subjective quality is up to the judgement of readers, yes?

I wish to embrace this opportunity to start afresh. And so I officially close this chapter of my ongoing blogging pursuit.

Now, at the moment the new blog is a patchy little limp biscuit, so though I'm a bit reluctant to (and I can't tell if you are, too), I'm going to send you over there anyway.

(NOTE: The hiatus was sudden, I know, but I will still need to extend it until the end of March to attend to exam fever. Can't give blogging a bad name for murdering my grades, can I?)

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